Visiting Palm Beach Soon? Choose a Private Limo Transfer with Twelve Transfers!

Lucky you, lying on the golden sand from Palm Beach – or, at least, you’re going to be in the near future! First of all, you should be congratulated for your choice, there’s nothing like relaxing and enjoying a nice tan on Palm Beach. Be it the warm, clear water on the palm trees in the distance, the beautiful sand or the nice breeze, you’re going to feel amazing here.

But don’t dream too much, there are still quite a few things that need to be sorted out before you can enjoy everything that Palm Beach has to offer. We’re going to take a wild guess and say that you’re going to travel with your friends, which already guarantees an amazing time!

Travelling with your friends can be really fun, but it can also pose some problems. When it comes to travelling from the airport to the hotel, you will have to buy bus tickets, to validate them and, last but not least, make sure that everyone stays together and no one is getting lost. What about if you can bypass all of these issues by choosing a private limo transfer to the hotel?

Choosing a private limo transfer company to pick you up and transport you to the hotel is a great choice, especially if you’re travelling as a group. You and your friends will be able to get to the destination in comfort, safety and of course style. One of the main benefits of choosing a transfer company is luggage handling – the hassle of carrying all your luggage by yourselves is horrendous when compared to them being transported in the trunks of clean, efficient vehicles.

There are plenty of options for you out there when it comes to choosing the right airport transfer company – but you’ll want to go for Twelve Transfers. Why? It’s the best choice out there when it comes to prices, cars, drivers and overall ride experience. You’ll want details, of course, and we have them all sorted out for you.

First and foremost, let’s talk experience. Twelve Transfers has arrived in Miami after more than 6 years of perfecting the limo transfer business in jolly old London. This means thousands and thousands of clients, procedures that were updated constantly, customer satisfaction trainings and learning from of course mistakes. This assures a unique point of view on the private transfer business and the perfect starting point for a company that starts doing this business over the ocean, right in the sunshine state.

Second of all, we know you’re interested especially in the car that you’re going to get. The Twelve Transfers fleet is composed of luxurious cars, such as the Cadillac XTS, Mercedes E Class or the BMW 7 Series. Not only you’ll be driven around in comfort, but you’ll be able to turn heads constantly during your ride. These vehicles are driven by experienced chauffeurs, who treat every ride with the utmost professionalism and sense of responsibility for every customer.

Prices are a great advantage too at Twelve! They operate rides with up to 20% cheaper than most their competitors, so that means luxury transfers at affordable prices. Pretty great, huh? 😊

Now you know our tip – when it comes to Palm Beach limo services, Twelve Transfers is the one company you should go for!


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